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AWS Amplify Is A Grift

Something something Amplify is bad

Make Async Methods Sync in Node.js

You shouldn't block the main thread to make async methods sync... unless, hmmmm? 🤔💭

AbortController is your friend

The AbortController is ostensibly for fetch, but it has some other ways we can use it too.

Observing rendered DOM nodes

Observe DOM appearance, size and and rendering position on a page.

Node.js Streams & Object Mode

Streams for bytes are rarely useful, and objectMode can be made better.

Baldur's Gate 3 Character Choice

Explaining the confusing way in which BG3 plays

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Opinions On Sydney Rail Transport

I'm funemployed now so have too much time to think about these things

AbortController for expiry

The AbortController can be flipped on its head for memoized/cached values. Learn how.

Practical Python Modules

Python modules suck—here's some guidance if you've used Node.

Focus Management in 2022 📺

I spoke about <dialog> and inert! Watch it, plus read an addendum. 👀

Event-Driven JavaScript Development

You should be building objects that emit their own events in JS. Learn how!

Cross-Tab Title Hints

Hidden tabs can be made to work for your users—find out how 👀

Unit Testing React without Jest

Using the power of JSDOM, we can avoid Jest and its legacy code completely.

Three Fun Facts on Australian Federal Elections

Want esoteric election content? Look no further! 🗳️