Sam Thorogood

Sam Thorogood

I'm an engineer who enjoys board games, travel, emoji, design discussions and long walks on the beach. My partner Dr Nicky Ringland is at Google, and in the past, founded Grok Learning. Together, we've created at least one small human.

I'd consider myself a senior generalist. For example, I'm able to work on small-scale web applications all the way through to designing planet-scale storage systems. I'm available for consulting.

For a time, I worked as a CTO at a small climatetech startup. I'm especially interested to providing mentoring, advice or consulting for groups that can have an impact on our planet's climate crisis.

My formative years in technology were spent at Google, where I departed as a Staff Developer Relations Engineer: I'm a Xoogler. While I was at Google, I helped build Santa Tracker and various documentation sites. I worked on Chrome, Drive, App Engine, Google Wave, and Google Maps. I've spoken at, and worked on, events like Chrome Dev Summit, LIVE, and Google I/O.

Aeons ago, I studied computer science at the University of Sydney. My 1st class Honours thesis discussed a user's files and their relationships.

All text and multimedia (images, video, audio etc) are made available under CC-BY. All source code (even as part of a blog post) is released under the Apache 2 license.

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