Sam Thorogood


December Tech Vibe Check

What's been up in Sam's tech life at the end of 2023

Baldur's Gate 3 Character Choice

Explaining the confusing way in which BG3 plays

Opinions On Sydney Rail Transport

I'm funemployed now so have too much time to think about these things

Unit Testing React without Jest

Using the power of JSDOM, we can avoid Jest and its legacy code completely.

Three Fun Facts on Australian Federal Elections

Want esoteric election content? Look no further! 🗳️

Builtin Node.js Testing

It's 2022, and you can test your Node.js code without ANY dependencies 🥳

(P)react vs Web Components: a Xoogler's perspective

My job was Web Components! For years! Read some thoughts.

Foot Pedal For Mute

You've got hands. Why not try feet?

Thoughts on Google and what's next

I'm leaving Google to join a tiny energy startup ☀️🔌🔋 as CTO!

Plex, Ubuntu & Quadro Cards on AMD

AMDs don't do hardware transcoding. You can buy a Quadro card and it works in Ubuntu / Linux.

Peter Thorogood

Peter's tech eulogy: 1947—2020